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TBR Spotlight: Girls of Fate and Fury by Natasha Ngan

This week the random number generator picked a very recent addition to my TBR, #348, Girls of Fate and Fury!

“Don’t struggle, Lei-zhi. It’s time to take you back to the Hidden Palace. You’re going home.”

The final pages of Girls of Storm and Shadow brought a jaw-dropping conclusion that had the fates of Lei and Wren hanging in uncertainty. But one thing was certain – the Hidden Palace was the last place that Lei would ever consider home. The trauma and tragedy she suffered behind those opulent walls would plague her forever. She could not be trapped there with the sadistic king again, especially without Wren.

The last Lei saw of the girl she loved, Wren was fighting an army of soldiers in a furious battle to the death. With the two girls torn apart and each in terrorizing peril, will they find each other again or have their destinies diverged forever?

This is the third and final book in the trilogy that started with Girls of Paper and Fire, the book so good I reviewed it twice! Find my first and second reviews here, and my review of book two here, if you want to catch up on my thoughts about the series so far. This is one of my favourite YA fantasy series, and I’m quite apprehensive to read the finale – my expectations are high, for one thing, but I also know it’s going to be an emotional read. I’ve deliberately steered clear of too much info to avoid spoilers, so I’m going to have to read this one soon!

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Blog Tour: Girls of Storm and Shadow

GSas Twitter blog tour (1).jpg

Today I’m really excited to be on the blog tour for Girls of Storm and Shadow, one of my most anticipated books of the year. This is the sequel to the phenomenal Girls of Paper and Fire, which I loved so much I reviewed it twice, and it more than lives up to the first book’s amazingness!

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Blog Tour: Girls of Paper and Fire Paperback – What Did I Notice On A Second Read?

So, in case you didn’t know, Girls of Paper and Fire was one of my top ten books last year! It’s a YA fantasy with everything I love to read (except perhaps a small lack of pirates…): girls discovering their own internal power; harem politics; part-human-part-animal demons; gorgeous dresses; and a brilliant f/f relationship! If you want to check out my review from last year, then click here – but essentially, I loved it. When I was asked to be on the blog tour for the paperback release of the book, I knew immediately what I wanted to do: a slow, thorough reread, to see what little nuances and tidbits I’d missed while I was devouring the plot for the first time…

If you haven’t read the book, I recommend looking at a synopsis before you read this post, because while I’ll try to keep it spoiler-free, I won’t be rehashing the plot, so you might get a little lost if you don’t know the premise!

IMG_6426 (2).JPG

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Review: Girls of Paper and Fire

If you glanced at my Twitter even at all during the summer, you’ll know that Girls of Paper and Fire was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I was so lucky to be sent an ARC by the publishers, and it’s honestly taken me this long to sort my thoughts out coherently about it – but the main takeaway point is: it’s SO good.

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