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Announcing Hallowreadathon 2022!

I’ve been helping the lovely Imogen of Imogen’s Typewriter run Hallowreadathon for a few years now, and since spooky season’s rolled around once again, it’s time to announce this year’s prompts!

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My Hallowreadathon TBR

I can’t believe how quickly Hallowreadathon’s come around! In case you missed it, you can find my announcement post here – Imogen and I would love to have you join in with us this weekend – the readathon lasts from today until Sunday night. If you need some inspiration, here are my picks for each of our prompts:

The first prompt is ‘Trick or Treat‘ – flip a coin to decide if you’ll be reading your newest acquisition, or the oldest book on your TBR. I got tails, so I’ll be reading Sorcerer’s Son by Phyllis Eisenstein, which has been lurking in the #1 spot of my TBR for a long time. When I put the list together for the first time, the first 50 or so books were just in the order I grabbed them off the shelves, so this might not technically be the oldest, but you have to start somewhere. I picked this up after seeing Elizabeth Bear list it as one of her significant writing influences, so I’m hoping it’s enjoyable as a read, as well as a reference!

The second prompt is to read a book with a white cover, and I’ve chosen The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow. I’ve been saving this for a rainy day for the longest time, but when better to read about witches than Halloween? I adored Alix’s first book, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, and the blurb of this one sounds like it’s going to be even more my cup of tea.

The third prompt is simply to read two books, so whether I get through both of these or go off-piste, I think I should manage that!

Will you be joining us? I would love to see your TBR posts if you want to link them below, or you can join us on Twitter at @hallowreadathon!

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Announcing #Hallowreadathon 2021

I can’t believe this is my third year helping Imogen to host the Hallowreadathon! This casual weekend readathon is a fun way to get some Halloween reading done – it’s my favourite time of year and I love having a way to celebrate the season with some great books. Whether you’re after cosy witchy vibes like me or prefer to get into the scary side of Halloween, we’ve put together some optional prompts to get you started!

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My #Hallowreadathon Recommendations

The Hallowreadathon is nearly upon us – it’s this coming weekend! If you didn’t see my announcement post, then hop over here to see the prompts!

The first prompt is to read a book with a prominent house, so I’ve scoured my shelves to show you some of my favourites that would be perfect for this, and a few I’m looking forward to… There’s pretty much no cohesion to these in genre or age range, but you’ll get a glimpse into my varied reading tastes!

Obviously my very first rec has to be the book that I’d probably pick as my all-time favourite if you absolutely forced me to choose – Howl’s Moving Castle! Yes, the house is technically a castle, but it’s always felt like a very small, home-y castle to me, so there. I’ve been rereading this most years since I was about 7 (you can see how well loved my copy is), and when Sophie steps through the door of the castle it always feels like coming home.

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Announcing the #Hallowreadathon!

As autumn approaches, so too does Halloween – one of my favourite times of the year! And even though we probably won’t be able to get out and party in person, Imogen’s Typewriter and I have got you covered for a fun bookish time with the seventh annual Hallowreadathon, running from 30th October – 1st November! This is my second year helping the lovely Imogen host her brilliant readathon, and I’m so excited to show you the prompts we’ve cooked up for you in our cauldrons, so read on to find out what’s on the cards for this year…

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