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Blog Tour: The Optickal Illusion

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Though it may seem as though I tend more heavily to the fantastic or romantic in my reading tastes, I also very much enjoy a well-drawn historical novel that focuses on the history itself, so I’m excited to be helping to open the blog tour for Rachel Halliburton’s The Optickal Illusion!

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Blog Tour: Reclaimed by her Rebel Knight

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You know I jump at the chance to review Mills and Boon/Harlequin’s historical romance, so I was intrigued by Reclaimed by her Rebel Knight, as I don’t think I’ve read one set in the 13th century before! It turned out to be a lovely character-driven read that showcases a far more gentle and caring relationship than the title might suggest…

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Review: The Time Travel Diaries

I was so excited when I saw Caroline Lawrence was writing a new book, because the Roman Mysteries series was one of my favourites as a kid. Really, they led me to get into Lindsey Davis’ Falco mysteries as a teen, and between the two, they’re responsible for my entire Classics degree. So when I heard about The Time Travel Diaries, I instantly knew I had to read this one!

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Review: The Light Over London

I’m a big fan of Julia Kelly’s historical romance, which I discovered because she’s my friend Justine’s sister. However, I generally don’t like dual-timeline women’s fiction (did anyone else find this was all the historical fiction that was available in about 2008-2010? I got so fed up!), so I was apprehensive about picking this up. I needn’t have worried. Julia’s command of character and language is so good that I was hooked from the very beginning – The Light Over London is a really compelling story that I’m still thinking about, weeks later.

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