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TBR Spotlight: How to be a Hero by Cat Weldon

Mondays come around fast! Today’s random number pick is book #358 from my TBR, How to be a Hero by Cat Weldon!

A no-good viking thief. The worst-ever trainee valkyrie. An ungodly case of mistaken identity.

When failing trainee valkyrie Lotta mistakes an unconscious viking thief, Whetstone, for a fallen hero and takes him triumphantly to Valhalla, things are definitely not turning out to be epic or glorious. Having lost a precious talking cup, Whetstone is also desperate to cover up his mistake and the two embark on a quarrelsome journey to find it and regain their heroic status. But Loki the trickster God is desperate to get his hands on the cup with a plan to unleash chaos across the nine worlds. Can Whetstone prove himself a hero after all when it matters most?

The first in a hilarious and fast-paced trilogy about how to be brave, what it means to be a hero and just how confusing the Norse Gods really are. Fully illustrated throughout, Cat Weldon’s How to Be a Hero is perfect for fans of How to Train Your Dragon and Who Let the Gods Out.

This is the first physical book I’ve turned up on the random number generator! I bought this earlier this year from my local indie bookshop, who were offering free bike delivery in the area – what better excuse to get books than if they come to you? I really liked the sound of this fun Viking story, and I thought it might fill a gap in my shelves, as there’s very little middle grade I like with a male protagonist (as you know, I often find them a bit too reliant on zaniness and not enough on emotions!), but I want to find some before my son starts asking for them (in, like, eight years). I’ve got my fingers crossed that the dual lead in this book will be a good way to ease into it for me! Plus, the dragon on the cover was very tempting.

Have you read this one? I’d love to know if you enjoyed it!