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Review: Sorcery of Thorns

You ever have those books you put off reading because you know you ought to love them, but you’re worried they can’t possibly live up to your expectations? Sorcery of Thorns was one for me, but I bit the bullet and luckily, was rewarded with something even more perfect for me than I’d hoped!


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Guest post from Heather Rose Jones!

Heather Rose Jones is a fantastic author whose historical fantasy books centre queer women and their lives and adventures. I’m a huge fan of her Alpennia series, and really looking forward to reading the newest standalone in it, Floodtide. I was lucky enough to hear her read from Floodtide at WorldCon over the summer, and I was instantly drawn into the little magics explored in it – charms to help with laundry, for example. I love how fantasy can open a window into the realities of life, and in this fascinating guest post, Heather explains a little bit about why and how she chose to focus on the smaller, day-to-day magics of women in her new book.

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