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February TBR Challenge: Finish It Up Feb

This is pretty much the opposite of last month’s challenge – in February I want to finish some series that I’ve had ongoing for a while! I’ve picked six sequels where I’m eager to know how things end. Want to see what they are?

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Mid-Month Check In: New Year, New Starts

Just a very quick check-in today, as I’ve been in such a reading slump for the last couple of weeks! Still, I’ve managed to tick off three of my books, so here are some very short thoughts on them:

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January TBR Challenge: New Year, New Starts

In the spirit of fresh starts, this month I thought I’d focus in on starting some new series that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while! I’ve chosen six books that kick off duologies, trilogies or longer series, and I’m starting them all to see if I want to continue on, or if I can take the rest of the series off my shelves.

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November TBR Challenge: Non-Stop NetGalley

My NetGalley shelves are really getting out of hand, so this month my TBR challenge is going to be focused on reading some of the books I’ve been sent e-ARCS of (and in many cases physical review copies too!) and getting those reviews logged. For several years now I’ve run a mini-challenge of #NonStopNetGalley over on Twitter, so that’s what’s going to be happening all month! I’ve picked out nine of the NetGalley books I’m most excited for – want to see what we’ve got?

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August TBR Challenge: A is for August Mid-Month Check In

I’ve had a bit of a slow start to August – between a writing deadline and a reading slump I think it was the 7th before I finished a book! However, I’ve made a little bit of progress on my challenge TBR (see here for the introduction post), so here are some quick thoughts on the five books I’ve got to so far:

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May Reading Challenge: Free Choice Fifteen Final Check In

It’s already time to start wrapping things up for May! This month I wanted to let myself do some mood reading, so my challenge TBR was just fifteen random books I felt like reading – but then it turned out, I didn’t actually feel like doing much reading at all. I did still manage to tick off five more out of the fifteen, so I read ten challenge books in total – read on for my thoughts…

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