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Blog Tour: Mrs Sommersby’s Second Chance

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Regency romance tends to be focused on women in their twenties – sometimes brand new debutantes of 18 feature, but more usually the heroines are in their twenties, ‘past it’ by the measure of the time, but still extremely young by modern standards. When I saw that Mrs Sommersby’s Second Chance had a heroine in her forties, I was really excited to see how this would change up the tropes of the genre, and I’m glad I signed up for the blog tour, because this is adorable!

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Blog Tour: The Earl’s Runaway Governess

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I love a good romance with a governess character, as I like a heroine who is smart and practical, and governesses have to be able to look after themselves as well as their charges. The title of The Earl’s Runaway Governess hints at a fair bit of excitement, too, so I was keen to hop on the blog tour for this one!

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