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Blog Tour: Grave Danger by Alice James

I had a whale of a time with Grave Secrets, the first book in Alice James’ paranormal romp of a series, so I jumped at the chance to be on the blog tour for book two, Grave Danger!

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Review: War Among Ladies by Eleanor Scott

What a delight this is – a sharp, unflinching, and yet often very funny peek into the world of schoolmistresses in the 1920s. Malory Towers from behind the scenes, with all the backstabbing, inspections, and questions of morality the teachers need to face.

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Book Reviews: Three Recent Crime Classics Releases

I often find I have a little difficulty with reviewing detective stories, because if you don’t want to give too much away you can’t really talk about the plot! So what I decided to do today is round up my three most recent reads from the Crime Classics series into one post, so you can get a glimpse of each and how I felt about them. All three of these were review copies sent free of charge by British Library Publishing, and as always all opinions are my own. Obviously, content warnings for death and murder apply to them all.

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