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Review: The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane

I’ve always had a soft spot for stories about boarding schools, so this middle grade mystery set at a posh English school looked like a great Halloween read for me! While this doesn’t get paranormal, it’s got a really cool creepy setting, where the school itself is almost a character…

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Review: Malory Towers Books 7-9

Malory Towers is my dream school, and I was always a little concerned that if I picked up the “new” stories (authorised, but written by Pamela Cox) then I’d be disappointed. It looked like a money grab to me. But I read all the St Clare’s books for the first time last time, including the new ones, and I couldn’t really tell the difference, so I thought I’d give the Malory Towers reboot a go…


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Review: Monitress Merle

I am a massive fan of vintage school stories, especially those written by prolific author Angela Brazil, who was instrumental in popularising and developing the genre. I’ve been collecting them for about 8 years, and have quite the collection! Monitress Merle was one I picked up in Hay on Wye – I just couldn’t resist that title!

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